WWE pitching ideas to keep Kairi Sane under contract

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WWE pitching ideas to keep Kairi Sane under contract

As reported over and over again on our WorldWrestling newsboard, the former female tag team champion of the main roster Kairi Sane, who was joined for some time by the Monday Night Raw champion, Asuka, has had expressed her desire to abandon the WWE to return to her native country, Japan and thus end her career in the land of the Rising Sun, after only a few years in the USA.

Apparently, the leadership of the Stamford-based Federation is said to have been aware of the intentions of the Japanese superstar for some months now and despite having tried several times to keep the girl, she would have now accepted his departure, not giving up and continuing to make offers to the ex champion of NXT.

Update on Kairi Sane

According to reports from the well-known overseas website Fightful, the management of the Stamford-located company would have tried in any way to keep the Japanese in its ranks, thus trying not to send the athlete to reinforce some other company, be it American or Japanese, trying everything for everything both economically and creatively.

As reported on the pages of the overseas site in fact: "Kairi Sane has also been publicized for the next episode of Raw, but we don't know if she is still under contract. Both the latest episodes were indeed recorded in advance.

WWE is making great efforts to detain Kairi and has proposed several ideas to keep her on her payroll, more specifically, away from other companies. Many of these ideas also include a return to Japan to work in a variety of different jobs, as an ambassador and as a coach for WWE."

As reported a few months ago, WWE also had the idea of ​​opening a Performance Center in Japan, before the pandemic came to freeze everything, with the name of Kairi Sane that would be perfectly in the case of the McMahons if a trainer or a great athlete was needed to train the young Japanese WWE levers.

WWE obviously doesn’t want Kairi Sane becoming competition to them. AEW is very in tune to the Japanese pro wrestling scene. Kairi Sane was scripted to get demolished by whomever will face Asuka at SummerSlam. Since Asuka is wrestling Sasha Banks next week on RAW that adds an extra dynamic. We’ll have to see how WWE pans things out.