Cesaro admits that he loves The New Day

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Cesaro admits that he loves The New Day

In his WWE career, Cesaro held the United States Championship once, five times the Raw Tag Team Championship (four times with Sheamus and once with Tyson Kidd) and twice the SmackDown Tag Team Championship (once with Shinsuke Nakamura and once with Sheamus); he also won the first edition of the André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal (2014).

Before joining WWE, Castagnoli played in the Ring of Honor (ROH) and in various independent European and Japanese federations. In his interview on WWE's The Bump, Cesaro said he wants to earn respect from the WWE Universe and his colleagues by becoming a defending champion.

He also admitted that he loves The New Day.

Cesaro on The New Day

"There's always more to prove," Cesaro noted. "I never came to work one day and thought I didn't have anything to prove. We always work for respect.

I think that's the most important part of this business and in life. We never stopped working for it. Just because we have the tag team championships, that does not mean that we stop right now. Our mission now begins to start.

Here's my thing, I love The New Day. I think we should have a New Day Appreciation Day," he stated. "They're awesome, and they were great tag team champs. We had something to prove, and we didn't stop at anything [to prove it].

For me, I know I need to get better at this, but I need to start enjoying the moment. I'm always too focused on what's next," he mentioned. "When I look back, I've been part of so many cool things, but I haven't sat down and realized that yet.

I've never seen myself as an elite specialist. It's not how I look at it" - he added. When playing a villainous character, particularly in the United States, Cesaro has been known to emphasize his European origin as part of his gimmick, proclaiming a superior intellect and fashion sensibility, and by regularly using the European uppercut.

Castagnoli is also known for his feats of strength in the ring and is frequently mentioned as one of WWE's best and most underrated performers. He was consequently recognized by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter as the Most Underrated Wrestler in the world a record four times, from 2013 to 2016.

He has also had success as a singles wrestler, having won the WWE United States Championship and the inaugural André the Giant Memorial Trophy at WrestleMania XXX, along with numerous independent singles titles, such as the PWG World Championship.