Lita reveals what it would take for her to make WWE in-ring return

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Lita reveals what it would take for her to make WWE in-ring return

In recent times, the women's category in WWE has made a great leap in quality and has gradually gained more visibility on TV and among professionals. Wrestlers are now more and more protagonists within the federation, and for the honor of the news, some female wrestlers from the past who have exalted the "Women" category must also be given credit.

Among these there is certainly Lita, a wrestler whom we haven't seen in WWE for some time, but who in reality has never said goodbye definitively to the world of wrestling. Lita spent in World Wrestling Entertainment between 2000 and 2006 and announced her retirement to devote herself full time to her band The Luchagors.

Speaking during the broadcast After The Bell, Lita spoke with Corey Graves and among the many topics covered there was talk of a possible return to the ring. Here are his words: "A possible return to the ring? I'm in, I'm in.

In the past, when I left the federation, I never said that I would no longer go to the ring and indeed I think it could be a fun opportunity, a new goal to be achieved for me and maybe even for the federation. On the other hand it must be said that in WWE they don't need me now.

As for the female category, everyone is doing very well in WWE and at the moment I can only watch. If things go all the way anyway, why not."

Rumors on Lita

During the interview Corey Graves said that he hopes that Lita will return to WWE because she is missing, really missing.

Lita has made rare appearances in recent years, but every time she has returned she has exalted the crowds. The wrestler, entered in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014, made her last appearance on 28 October 2018, when at Evolution, she played a match with the former rival and friend Trish Stratus and they beat in the Tag Team Match Alicia Fox and Mickie James, the latter with the help of Alexa Bliss.

Graves asked Lita if there were ever plans that changed that she wished actually happened. Lita talked about her match for the Women's Championship against Chyna at Judgement Day. She says they were slated for two more matches on PPV, and they intentionally held back in their match thinking they would continue their feud, but that would be Chyna's last match in WWE.

"When Chyna was transitioning from working only men to starting to work with women, she first went to Ivory and Right to Censor into a program with me, and we had one PPV match together," Lita explained. "It was supposed to be a three PPV program. It was solid.