Drake Maverick reveals if he peed his pants at Survivor Series

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Drake Maverick reveals if he peed his pants at Survivor Series

One of the most embarrassing moments in WWE's recent history, undoubtedly concerns the ex-general manager of 205 Live, Drake Maverick, also seen in an important NXT storyline. It involved the current light weight champion decreeing a new category champion of the federation, who in the 2018 edition of the Survivor Series, in front of a furious Big Show if he literally urinated under front of everyone and in front of the cameras filming the event.

In the general embarrassment that he surely had to endure the shame of the thing, Drake Maverick, in one of his last interviews wanted to return to the topic, revealing to the fans that he really had to pee during the angle of the Series match pair.

Drake Maverick on Survivor Series

While speaking with Metro, Drake Maverick revealed that there was contraption to wet his pants for him, but it malfunctioned. That created a situation where he had to muster the energy and fortitude to urinate in his pants for real at the Survivor Series.

“I’ve been through many obstacles in my life, but peeing in front of thousands of people is probably the most difficult. Especially when the contraception breaks, and you’re only way out is to do so. I’m glad I am a hydrated young man, I will say that.

Every time before I perform, I say a little prayer and I think to myself, ‘I’m nervous, I need to go for that nervous pee’. And I always have to have a little tinkle before I go out. I kinda held it in that day.

What a day. You really don’t understand the respect people gave me just for being able to pee on cue like that. I will do anything because… I mean, it’s my job! My boss wants me to piss myself – OK boss!

Whatever you want me to do. If Harrison Ford’s asked to do something when he’s Indiana Jones, I’m sure he’ll do what’s on the script. It’s the way it is. The only difference is Harrison Ford’s not handed the script on the day!” Drake Maverick loves WWE.

His passionate video message following that April 15th release is a big part of why he was offered a new contract. He also took every moment he could on screen and made something out of it.