MVP negotiating a long-term WWE contract

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MVP negotiating a long-term WWE contract

After self-proclaiming himself the new WWE United States champion and even presenting his new belt with the eagle for that kingdom, MVP also managed to create his own personal stable in the rings of Monday Night Raw, alongside the services of another historic WWE talent: Shelton Benjamin.

D uring the last episode of the red show, in fact, MVP and Bobby Lashley helped Benjamin to win the title held 24/7 by R-Truth, with the trio that now loves to call itself "Hurt Business", which is starting to rage in the rings of the WWE Monday night red show.

MVP and WWE are currently in talks for a long-term contract

As reported by us at WorldWrestling in recent months, or when MVP made his return to the rings of WWE, the former American champion who still holds the longest reigning record, he confirmed to his fans that he had returned only to make a last match against Rey Mysterio, one of his son's favorite athletes, with a new position as a producer behind the scenes that awaited the manager of Bobby Lashley in the backstage of the federation.

Apparently, however, the excellent work carried out by MVP on-screen with WWE, would have led the federation management to rethink the role to be entrusted to the athlete, still preferring him in the ring rather than in the backstage.

MVP appeared on the latest episode of the Gorilla Position podcast and revealed that he and WWE officials are negotiating a long-term deal. "It went so well that I was invited to San Antonio the night next for Monday Night RAW and I was given an opportunity to wrestle Rey Mysterio who's my son's favorite wrestler," MVP said of what happened after he returned at the Royal Rumble earlier this year.

"And then I was offered a job as a producer which I accepted because I had the intention of retiring anyway, and I was working as a producer and then I was asked to do an on-screen V.I.P. Lounge and then I was asked to do a short match and another on-screen segment and another and another and another.

Before I knew it, my producer — my responsibilities as a producer became less and less as I was asked to do more and more as talent, and now I can say that the WWE and myself are in negotiations for a long-term deal."