Rusev discusses his trip in Europe

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Rusev discusses his trip in Europe

In the episode of Raw on December 23rd, Rusev easily defeated No Way Jose. In the Raw episode of January 13, 2020, Rusev was defeated for the second time by Bobby Lashley. In the January 20 episode of Raw Rusev and Liv Morgan were defeated by Bobby Lashley and Lana in a Mixed Tag Team match.

In Raw's episode of February 17, Rusev and Humberto Carrillo were defeated by Angel Garza and Bobby Lashley. On April 15, Rusev was officially released by WWE. Early in his career, Rusev's finishing move was the Bulplex, an Oklahoma roll transitioned into a release German suplex.

Beginning in 2013, he began using The Accolade (a camel clutch). In 2014, he introduced the Machka Kick, a jumping savate kick. For the early part of his career, Rusev portrayed depicted a villainous foreigner billed from Bulgaria or Russia.

He nicknamed himself "The Bashing Bulgarian" and "The Bulgarian Brute" and for a period of time used the Bulgarian national anthem as his entrance theme. From 2017, Rusev began portraying a more heroic character, declaring every day to be "Rusev Day"

On a recent video for his Twitch channel, Rusev discussed how once during an overseas trip in Europe.

Rusev on his trip in Europe

“The nominees, I believe, I think it was Randy Orton, I think it was Jeff Hardy, no, we were talking about who is the most s**y, probably, maybe that’s what it was.

I don’t know, something of that degree. So yeah, I think it was Randy, I think it was Jeff, I think Shin, because we were thinking about Shin in Japan, he’s like a God, and probably all the girls throw themselves at him.

And that’s why we were thinking about Randy and Jeff, they’re very good looking men, and everybody desires them. So we were just trying to figure out, who is the most desirable, or the most s*****t, or whatever.

I think it was something like that. And I think Randy won, because men and women want Randy Orton" - Rusev explained. Rusev was one of the multiple Superstars being released by the company due to the ongoing pandemic. Rusev is currently running his Twitter and YouTube channels.

There were rumors that Rusev may join Impact Wrestling at Slammiversary. However, that did not happen. Rusev is one of the most talented athletes in the world of pro-wrestling and it is certain that sooner or later he will join another promotion.

Many fans believed that the hard-hitting style of NJPW may be the perfect fit for Rusev, while others believe his star-power could be of great advantage to AEW.