WWE dropping plans for a revamped Nation of Domination

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WWE dropping plans for a revamped Nation of Domination

WWE very often finds itself using programs, storylines or characters already seen on its TV screens, if not exactly identical at least that remind them a lot, such as the rise of Daniel Bryan to WWE world champion of Wrestlemania 30, which at many recalled the never-ending battle between Steve Austin and Vince McMahon's authority, with this time Bryan playing the role of destroyer of absurd rules imposed by the Authority and Triple H who instead re-assumed the role of unscrupulous Boss who thinks only of business and money.

Another great stable from the past that should have returned to the scenes of Monday Night Raw, or in any case a stable very similar in terms of ideals and concept, is that of the Nation of Domination, a team seen in the WWE rings from 1996 to 1998, in which the great The Rock, Mark Henry, Ron Simmons and many other athletes of color and otherwise, who raged in the WWF rings in search of fame and titles to be tied to their sides, were part.

WWE dropping plans for a revamped Nation of Domination

Apparently, according to what reported by the Wrestling Observer, the WWE idea to bring the famous on-screen team back to Raw would not have been completely canceled yet, with MVP, Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin who could in fact give new lifeblood to the stable, going to place side by side two historical WWE Hall of Famer of the WWE.

In his latest newsletter, Dave Meltzer has revealed that: "There was an idea on the show on Monday that saw WWE want to reform the Nation of Domination. Both Ron Simmons (who appeared in Raw in a fast cameo for no reason), and Mark Henry (who did not appear on the show though), were slated to make an angle that would re-present the stable.

We do not know at the moment if they will continue on this path or if in the end the plans have been canceled. We know that the people who had been thought within the team, should have been those who are having a bad time in real life, with the Nation of Domination which would be a great find in this historical period of the USA, but at the same time a great double edged sword."

Although WWE decided to include Benjamin, there is still no clarity on whether they plan to go ahead with the revamped NOD idea. The idea for a modern-day Nation of Domination was shot down by several people backstage, as it felt completely out of line to bring back the stable in the current situation.

With the backlash for the idea, WWE could have permanently dropped the idea for the revamped group. MVP has tried recruiting Cedric Alexander, R-Truth, Ricochet, Apollo Crews into his stable with no success so far.