Randy Orton-Edge on WWE WrestleMania 37 plans

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Randy Orton-Edge on WWE WrestleMania 37 plans

The most important and certainly the busiest feud of the WWE of this 2020, is the one that saw the Rated R Superstar Edge and the Legend Killer rediscovered Randy Orton clashing on the McMahon rings several times, who clashed several times on the ring of Monday Night Raw and on those of the PPV of this year, with the two protagonists of the square of the company who gave birth to amazing performances, going to advertise the last match between them at Backlash by WWE as "the best wrestling match ever"

Despite the massive WWE advertising action, which had been deliberately disproportionate about the pre-recorded PPV match, the two former ring-wrestler wrestlers still pulled out a performance of over 30 minutes (which took well over 6 hours to recording), which actually left WWE Universe fans speechless, despite harsh criticism on the eve of the event.

Apparently, Edge's injury that blocked the Canadian from being able to actively express himself in the federation's rings would have thrown away (only for the moment) the programs that the federation already had in mind for the next summer's Big Four month, or Summerslam.

According to the always ready Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, the WWE management had already planned a I Quit match between Randy Orton and Edge in that of Summerslam, with the plans that however jumped due to the absence of the Canadian.

Also according to what the Observer journalist revealed, the plans and the match for the two legendary athletes would have at the moment only been moved a little further, or in the next edition of Wrestlemania 37, which if all goes well (pandemic permitting), it should air from Hollywood.

WWE plan on concluding the Edge vs. Randy Orton feud at WrestleMania 37

The match in which a wrestler in order to win must literally surrender his opponent in words, should thus put an end to the historic feud between Edge and Randy Orton, with the two who will see it for the last time in the Showcase of the Immortals of the 2021, with the WWE hoping to be able to bring this great contest in front of a celebrating audience of some stadium and not in front of the NXT athletes who are public at the Orlando Performance Center.

The reported plan for Edge vs. Orton to conclude eight months from now likely has something to do with the fact that Edge suffered a torn triceps in his loss to Orton at Backlash, which means he will be out for a significant period of time.

Edge made a shocking return in the 2020 men's Royal Rumble match after missing nearly a decade with a neck injury. Orton turned on him the next night on Raw, which led to a Last Man Standing match at WrestleMania 36 won by Edge.

They did battle again in a match at Backlash that was dubbed the "Greatest Wrestling Match Ever" beforehand. Edge and Randy Orton truly did deliver a great match, and The Viper won by hitting Edge with a low blow and then punting him. WrestleMania 37 is still nine months away (28 March 2021).