Daniel Bryan joins WWE writing team for adding to SmackDown's creativity

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Daniel Bryan joins WWE writing team for adding to SmackDown's creativity

Despite not actively participating in the last weeks of SmackDown, Daniel Bryan is confirming himself as a fundamental resource for the entire federation. The Yes Man does not participate in an episode of the blue show since the episode of last June 12, when he was defeated in the finals to crown the new Intercontinental Champion by AJ Styles, but he is also making a great contribution outside the screen.

According to what Dave Meltzer reports, Daniel Bryan has a huge influence on creatives as regards Friday Night SmackDown. Both he and Edge, who does a job similar to Monday Night Raw, are putting their experience at the service of the federation and Daniel Bryan is proving to be fundamental for Vince McMahon's company.

Daniel Bryan joins WWE writing team

Right now Daniel Bryan is, together with his wife Brie Bella, expecting the second child who will be born later this month and perhaps also for this reason he is working outside the ring.

Dave Meltzer said that both Edge and Daniel Bryan are now part of their writing teams at the moment and are making a big contribution. WWE's plans for a possible Washington State wrestler meeting at SummerSlam are currently unknown, but Bryan is trying to give his contribution even outside the ring.

Recently Daniel Bryan spoke on 'The Bellas Podcast' and spoke about the privilege of being white in America and the importance of being anti-racist. Here are some of his statements: "Sometimes I ask questions about my black friends, I think about it and at the same time I think about their possible reaction.

Nobody has ever asked me basically about the white ethnicity or about my color. It takes a lot of education about it, people need to be informed and both men and women have been fighting this battle for a long time. Not being racist is not the main thing, we must say that we are anti-racist.

And not only on an individual level, you have to be structurally anti-racist, a way to get society used to doing this." On the other hand, Daniel Bryan has been less involved with WWE SamckDown after losing the Intercontinental title tournament finals to AJ Styles.

As his career as an in-ring wrestler is slowly winding down following his surprising comeback in 2018, WWE reportedly wants him involved for creative writing. As per recent reports, the 39-year-old has been a part of recent SmackDown meetings.