More details on the WWE SmackDown hacker storyline

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More details on the WWE SmackDown hacker storyline

One of the storylines that could prove to be very interesting in the rings of Friday Night Smackdown was the one that involved the famous and mysterious hacker of the blue show, which two days before Wrestlemania revealed to Otis and especially to Mandy Rose who was hiding behind the messages sent to the beautiful blonde from Smackdown who had blown her Valentine's date with the future winner of the Money in the Bank, with the beginning of the feud between Mandy and Sonya that arose from these revelations.

Apparently, according to many online sources, the person who was to hide behind the hooded hacker's momentarily hidden identity, was to be the athlete currently switched to Monday Night Raw Mustafa Ali, who at that precise moment was however voluntarily kept off- screen from WWE, which would have had a plan ready for its on-screen return, just with the hacker's storyline.

More details on the WWE SmackDown hacker

The key moment that temporarily canceled the plans for the hacker of WWE Smackdown, was the passage in the rings of the red show of Mustafa Ali, with the wrestler of Pakistani origins who thus made his return to the scene of the federation, without WWE could make him look like the hacker of the blue show.

According to the well-known journalist Tom Colohue, however, it would not be too late to be able to find out who is behind this gimmick, with the federation that would have frozen all the ideas for the Smackdown hacker, with the passage of Ali to Raw.

"Ali was the hacker, however, it became too convenient of a storyline and WWE essentially took it out of his hands. I also talked about the origins of GTV back in the day, who that was written for, and why it became its own entity instead of being a platform for the return of Superstar it was written for.

Now, with Ali's move to RAW, it is extremely unlikely that we are ever going to see him as a hacker. However, as long as the Hacker storyline is something that the WWE writing team can use to write themselves out of corner, there will always be a SmackDown Hacker."

WWE would not for the moment have canceled and completely trashed the ideas for its hacker, despite the movement to Ali of Raw, with another character who could soon return on-screen to reveal secrets of WWE Superstars, with the leadership of the federation who could therefore recycle the ideas initially conceived for Mustafa for some other colleague.