*Spoiler* Otis to return on next week's SmackDown

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*Spoiler* Otis to return on next week's SmackDown

During the last episode of SmackDown, which aired on Friday from the Orlando Performance Center, it was announced that next week we will have the return of an important athlete that we haven't seen for some time. This is Otis, who will return to the screens after more than a month of absence together with his beloved Mandy Rose.

Despite the very important role of the member of Heavy Machinery, who is currently Mr. Money In The Bank, his absence has gone quite unnoticed. During the last episode of the blue show, however, a video was broadcast that showed the best moments of the love story between the boy of Serbian origin and the beautiful Mandy and, subsequently, the couple's return was announced during the next episode by SmackDown.

Interesting to see how, although Otis is actually the man who could have a chance titled as soon as he wanted and therefore theoretically the most probable future Universal champion, the promo of his return focused practically only on the relationship between him and Rose.

Update on Otis

This was a particular year for the chubby Otis. Almost always relegated to the Tag Team category with his Heavy Machinery friend Tucker, Otis started to get noticed when he got a crush on the wonderful Mandy Rose.

The storyline seemed destined to remain in mid-carding, but the big boy impressed everyone with his sympathy and arousing a lot of tenderness. Everyone started cheering for Otis in particular during the rivalry with the beauty of the situation, or Dolph Ziggler, who had initially managed to conquer the beautiful Mandy.

Thanks to the SmackDown hacker, however, Ziggler's plan, allied with Sonya Deville, had come to light, who had done everything to sabotage the least credible couple in Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) history. From here, Otis' fame skyrocketed, so much so that the wrestler won the briefcase during Money In The Bank, defeating AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio, King Corbin and Aleister Black at the same time.

Otis had initially announced that he would use the briefcase to fight for the couple titles, but then he fought for a few weeks in which he repeatedly paired with Braun Strowman and seemed to be waiting for the most suitable opportunity to exploit the briefcase, Otis however, he disappeared for more than a month. What will await us on his return? We'll see.