Kevin Owens on Wrestlers That Forced him To Improve

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Kevin Owens on Wrestlers That Forced him To Improve

WWE Superstar Kevin Owens spoke about the wrestlers that forced him to improve recently. Kevin Owens is one of the most popular stars in WWE right now. Owens is a former indie wrestler and extremely good at technical wrestling.

He is very nimble even though he is overweight and doesn’t carry an impressive physique. Kevin Owens started his career in WWE at NXT. At NXT, he beat almost all the top wrestlers that were there. He eventually made his way to WWE RAW.

He quickly made his way to the top of WWE after feuding with the best superstars on RAW. He even started a feud with John Cena and had some memorable matches with him.

Kevin Owens on Wrestlers That Forced him To Improve

Owens has suffered multiple injuries in the past.

That did not stop him from being a very successful wrestler and he even won the WWE Universal Title. Owens was active on Twitter recently. ROH star Cheeseburger posted: "Who was the first 'name' you wrestler that was so good you realized how little you truly know, and helped you step your game up?" Owens was one of the first people to respond.

He stated that he nearly quit wrestling due to Brian Kendrick. "There's a lot of them but the most memorable one to me isn't even someone I wrestled," Owens wrote. "Back in 2005, I watched @mrbriankendrick's match at an ROH show I was also on and was so blown away by how good he was that I'm pretty sure I told @SamiZayn I was going to quit wrestling!" He then started naming other wrestlers that he was fortunate enough to be in the ring with or work with.

Owens has worked with many indie wrestling giants. Many people believe that Owens never got the recognition that he truly deserved when he got into WWE. This is what he said: "The first one was @facdaniels in 2004," Owens responded.

"Poor Chris! Then, throughout the years, @StevenCorino, @findevan, @supercima1115, @ringfox1, @LondonFU and @OfficialPWG's Super Dragon are all guys that made me rethink my entire existence after I had the chance to wrestle them."

Kevin Owens is still a very active wrestler in WWE. He is one of the most consistent performers and also has a growing fan base. He is part of some high-profile matches in WWE and was recently at WWE Extreme Rules. He beat Murphy during a match there.