What’s next for Randy Orton?

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What’s next for Randy Orton?

In recent months, WWE star Randy Orton appears to have returned to the top of the federation. The Legend Killer is now making both personal and professional growth and has achieved several great victories: many think that the wrestler's exploit was born from the feud against Edge, a series of matches that he perfected and led to growth of both fighters as Superstar of the highest level also in 2020.

On June 14 the two met at Backlash in The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever and the Canadian wrestler suffered a heavy injury. The growth of Randy Orton is in front of the eyes of all WWE wrestlers and Tom Colohue of SportsKeeda has clarified the main reasons for this.

Update on Randy Orton's future

WWE has apparently identified Orton as the next major WWE Champion opponent Drew McIntyre, a choice that reflects The Viper's position in the federation's locker room. According to what Ringside News reports, the wrestler has had a big change in the backstage in the last few months: before he was considered only an agitator, the one who created mess from the top of his experience in WWE.

Now, however, Randy Orton is considered totally the leader of the dressing room of Raw, a person who with his veteran attitude acts as a hen and tries to help others. According to sources close to WWE, Paul Heyman recently had a strong discussion with Randy and explained to him that he must collaborate in the creation of new Superstars and that his role in WWE is also fundamental for this.

The choice to bring Randy Orton to be a Contender for the WWE Championship also depends a lot on this reason and the future of the wrestler in the federation appears increasingly rosy. Randy Orton has recently been involved in a big match against Big Show, but WWE has preferred to oust the two from the official Extreme Rules card and insert them instead in the Main Event of the episode of Raw following the WWE PPV.

The main reason for this choice lies in the large drop in ratings seen by the red show in recent weeks and Vince McMahon, together with his collaborators, has decided to use two wrestlers of this caliber to try to raise WWE ratings.

WWE needs to put someone good in front of Orton and they need to do it quickly. “The Viper” will want to strike again, and WWE can’t hold him back with filler segments any longer.