What’s Next For Rey Mysterio?

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What’s Next For Rey Mysterio?

After literally losing an eye in his last on-screen match with WWE, in the Extreme Rules match against Seth Rollins who left fans at home with his mouth open, Rey Mysterio seems to have disappeared from circulation, with a period of pause more or less short that would be to be found especially in the expiration of his contract with WWE, which took place several months ago and that the two sides had never managed to renew in the past few weeks.

The defeat at Extreme Rules' Eye for an Eye match served the WWE precisely to justify the San Diego elf's exit (which could still be definitive), with the two sides that did not agree on the compensation for the renewal of the contract and with the times that have done nothing but stretch until now.

News on Rey Mysterio

Apparently, according to what is reported in the pages of the Wrestling Observer, there is a good chance that a new agreement will soon be reached between WWE and Rey Mysterio for the renewal of the athlete of Mexican origins, with the well-known overseas site that in fact reported: "The final word on this matter is that both sides are not far from a new deal and McMahon and Mysterio will meet again shortly once again to try and finalize it."

In order to "not know how to read or write", WWE had carried on with the work, leaving Rey Mysterio out of the scene with the defeat suffered against Seth Rollins, with the escape of his eye that would have thus justified a very long absence for Mysterio if he has not found a renewal agreement with the company, with AEW and many other companies in the world of pro-wrestling that still seem to remain in the window watching the situation, with an athlete like the former WWE Champion who is certainly tempting to everyone, for the experience and above all the fame that he brings with him wherever he goes to work.

This leads to a lot of questions. Will Rey Mysterio continue his storyline in WWE or not? “The Master of the 619” is on his second stint at WWE and has had a long and successful career with the company. Seth Rollins badly injured his eye at Extreme Rules.

However, reports say that he will make a full recovery, and there are chances of his eyesight being restored. He will be out for a while sadly, as his wounds heal.