Edge wants NXT match against Finn Balor

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Edge wants NXT match against Finn Balor

Edge was very clear in a recent interview, in which he analyzed the deeper purpose of his recent return to WWE: helping out the emerging stars who have yet to finish making a name for themselves internationally. The same fate that befell him when he shared the ring with the various Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Hulk Hogan or Shawn Michaels.

And just in this direction could be a next challenge of the newfound Canadian Superstar of Raw, who could cross his path with that of someone who in turn was absolute champion, but who in the meantime has disappeared from the red show.

This is Finn Bàlor, who has in the meantime returned to NXT where he continues to be the protagonist in the WWE rings, but far from the main roster. And the Irishman has in the meantime discussed the possibility of sharing the ring with the Rated-R Superstar as an unprecedented opponent.

Edge wants NXT match against Finn Balor

Edge stated that he’ll collaborate with Robert Stone IF he can get him a match against Finn Balor at an NXT TakeOver event. This seems doable, but his additional demands are a little off the wall.

"Ok @RobertStoneWWE my man! Let’s collab. Get me a match vs @FinnBalor at Takeover, I only want fuschia m&m’s(they don’t make those, so figure it out), ideas on someone to help me cosplay the pic below, crushed velvet furniture on my bus, oh yeah a bus(everyone has em now) etc etc."

Edge is currently out of action with an injury. He will be back and has several matches left in his current contract. Perhaps a contest against Finn Balor isn’t out of the question, but Robert Stone likely won’t have much to do with making it happen.

Balor has since talked with the Irish Mirror about Edge's request to face him in a match, and not surprisingly, he's all for it. "Somebody was talking online about possibly challenging Finn Balor at NXT TakeOver and that was Edge," Balor began.

"I would like to address that situation right now, Edge was saying he wanted to face Finn Balor at TakeOver, so if we could do it at TakeOver: Dublin, all the better. An absolute legend in the the ring, but what an absolute gent and a true pro outside the ring.

I've always said it to both him and Christian that when they retired — I met them at a couple of media appearances — and I said, 'Lads, you two are like how I'd look to transition out of wrestling — to carry yourself with such professionalism.' To see [Edge] back is fantastic. Getting the chance to wrestle with him would be even better."