Aleister Black written out of storylines

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Aleister Black written out of storylines

Aleister Black seems to be getting closer to facing at least difficult months in Monday Night Raw. And the recent events of the red show seem to confirm that the climate around him in WWE is becoming increasingly complex. What Dave Meltzer suggested on his 'Wrestling Observer Newsletter' is in fact that the violent Stomp that Seth Rollins gave the Dutchman to Raw, complete with a brutal attack at the end of the show, would not represent the new chapter of a storyline but a way to get the former NXT star away from the stage for some time.

A way like any other, in short, to carry on the dynamics of Raw without Aleister Black, a fighter who has recently been found a position with great difficulties. And to explain the reason was in these hours Paul Davis of ''

WWE Raw wrestler Aleister Black written out of storylines

According to the latter, in fact, Vince McMahon in person has decided a "break" for Aleister Black, an athlete he just can't really appreciate. A similar voice, in this sense, had already arrived several months ago, with the Chairman far from convinced that the Dutch Destroyer could appreciate himself as a top star, while his huge fan was Paul Heyman.

In other words, it was Raw's then Executive Director who pushed for the Black Mass prophet, in the belief that Vince McMahon would also change his mind in the medium and perhaps long term. The latter instead decided to trust Heyman, unless he had definitively decided to give up the Aleister Black project as Raw's main eventer in the last few weeks.

In which, and it's not a combination, Heyman is no longer monitoring the work of Raw's creative team. The beating of Seth Rollins and Murphy against the ex NXT Champion could therefore prove to be one of the last moments in which we will see him in a medium-high area of ​​Raw's card.

With his WWE journey he could now start much more from the bottom. Meltzer noted in the Observer that now with Heyman not running creative, Black is unlikely to be pushed as a top star like Heyman wanted. There are other names to look out for.

Some notable Heyman-backed wrestlers include Shayna Baszler, The Viking Raiders, The Street Profits and Bobby Lashley. Of all of the names mentioned, Lashley seems to be destined for a main event push at some point. For years, Lashley has been pushing for a match with Brock Lesnar.