WWE Stars Naomi and Lacey Evans Take Shots at Each Other

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WWE Stars Naomi and Lacey Evans Take Shots at Each Other

Popular WWE Stars Naomi and Lacey Evans took shots at each other as they will be facing each other soon. The fight is most likely going to take place during this week’s Smackdown event. In their previous encounter, Evans quite easily beat Naomi.

It was a very short match. This started the trend called #NaomiDeservesBetter. This led to a conversation between Booker T and Naomi on social media. To hype up their match, Evans and Naomi fought each other on Twitter.

Lacey Evans on Naomi Fight on Twitter

"That's it ya nasty," Evans responded.

"I'm coming for blood...Wig. And all your teeth. Nail polish and i wont apologize to your 'fans' who think what you tweeted is funny. #NothingButNasties Y'all wanted a reason to feel sorry for her. THE REASON IS COMING FRIDAYYY.

#NaomiDeservesNothing" "Braids are not a wig, sis," Naomi responded. "My teeth are strong as steel and my fans don't want or need a stank apology from you." "I wouldn't know," Evans wrote back.

"My golden locks and apologies are as natural as they come (neither of which will YOU or your FANS be getting a hold of). And as far as your teeth...we will see how strong they are FRIDAY. Now LEAVE ME ALONE. I'm busy.

Feeding my chickens, ya nasty." Twitter wars have become very common these days. Some of them are actually part of the storyline and WWE actually allows its wrestlers to fight on social media. These days, it is very easy to follow a wrestler and people get involved in the personal lives of wrestlers.

Wrestlers also use Twitter to interact with their fans and listen to their feedback. Lacey Evans is one of the most popular superstars in WWE. She started her career in WWE as a heel wrestler and gained a lot of popularity after she started feuding with Becky Lynch about a year ago.

Lacey Evans is also a very stylish wrestler and has a huge fan base. Due to her military background, she also has a very high work-rate and is very strong. Just like many other popular wrestlers, Lacey Evans is good at trash-talking and is able to counter many wrestlers on social media with ease. She is also one of the most active wrestlers on social media.