Impact Star Acey Romero on Measures Against COVID-19

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Impact Star Acey Romero on Measures Against COVID-19

Impact Star Acey Romero recently spoke about the measure that Impact Wrestling has taken to keep its wrestlers safe while also continuing their shows. All Elite Wrestling and WWE have taken extreme measures to make sure that their superstars do not get infected.

WWE, AEW, and Impact Wrestling are some of the few wrestling promotions in the world that can operate during the pandemic. They have TV deals that help them hold shows inside empty arenas. Acey Romero was The Living The Gimmick Podcast with Spectrom Sports’ Jon Alba.

Over there he spoke about what Impact Wrestling has done. Impact Star Acey Romero on Measures Against COVID-19 "Impact's been taking extreme measures," Romero noted. "For starters, Impact has recommended us two weeks before tapings to self-quarantine.

For tapings itself, we have our own hotel rooms now. Usually we doubled up, but we've been having our own hotel rooms, which is great. We get our temperature taken, we get our blood/oxygen level taken." He was then asked whether he felt secure during Impact Wrestling’s tapings.

Many wrestlers are afraid and they do not perform during the pandemic. "They take measures. They wear gloves," Romero said. "[They have] the antibacterial stuff and EMTs. They talk all the measures, and they make sure after tapings to check in on people and see how we're all doing.

I always feel safe. I never feel worried about coming to work and being at risk." Romero revealed that unlike WWE and AEW, Impact Wrestling is not doing full COVID-19 tests. However, he stated that Impact Wrestling is focused on social distancing and they regularly ask wrestlers about how they are feeling.

"They are doing their best," Acey Romero stated. "There's only a certain amount of people that can be in the studio at a time while taping. Social distancing has definitely been in play. Like I said, they check in on us to make sure we're doing well and taking this seriously."

COVID-19 has effected many businesses around the world. WWE, AEW and Impact Wrestling are forced to hold their shows inside empty arenas. Even WrestleMania 36 had to take place at the WWE Performance Center and some of the matches that took place during the event were cinematic.

WWE has made use of cinematic matches a lot these days, as they let the promotion put out excellent matches and avoid the empty arena setting.