Cesaro makes an incredible statement about his future

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Cesaro makes an incredible statement about his future

After a new, very long period of very few in the WWE rings, the last few weeks have presented a small but significant rebirth for Cesaro. The Swiss champion has in fact graduated as a couple champion of SmackDown, snatching the titles from the lives of Kofi Kingston and Big E (representing New Day) together with Shinsuke Nakamura.

In fact, the Swiss Superman returns to the throne of the tag team division, after the successes already achieved with Tyson Kidd and above all Sheamus. But he certainly has no intention of stopping here. During his interview with Newsweek, Cesaro was asked if he wanted to pursue gold as an individual fighter any time soon.

The newly crowned Tag Team champion revealed that winning that title in WWE has always been his goal. He said he wants to win the title for all of Europe and is looking forward to that opportunity. This is what Cesaro said: “I was going to say ‘I don’t have enough gold.’ [risas].

The goal is to always be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. That’s the goal for everyone in WWE, and that’s my 100% goal. And not just for me, but for the whole of Europe. For all our international fans. I want to enter and win one.

It is only part of the journey. I’m glad I’m fine, and THE CESARO SECTION from around the world is following me on this. [viaje]But that is still my goal."

Cesaro’s current career on WWE SmackDown

The popularity of Cesaro and the boom period of his Cesaro Section represents, according to someone who WWE knows it very well, an opportunity that in Stamford they have not been able to exploit as they could.

This is the former referee Jimmy Korderas, who through his personal show on Twitter said: "When it comes to in-ring talent, there are only a few better than Cesaro. He is also very entertaining on the microphone and can be fun or serious, depending on how you want him to be.

Not only this, but in my opinion WWE missed its chance to have a moment at Kofi Kingston for him and unfortunately they've lost it by now." Nakamura and Cesaro started going for the blue brand tag team championship, and in the weeks leading up to The Horror Show at Extreme Rules, they finally had a chance to challenge New Day for the titles.

Cesaro and Nakamura then defeated Big E, and Kofi Kingston in a Mesas fight to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. Both of these superstars are amazing fighters and definitely deserve more time to be on television.