WWE’s original plans for Big E revealed

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WWE’s original plans for Big E revealed

During the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, we witnessed the start of a single course for the former WWE tag team champion Big E, who with the injury of teammate Kofi Kingston, (who we don't know again if it's a work or a real injury), he will begin his climb to the cards of the WWE shows alone, without the material help of his companions Kofi and Xavier Woods.

After having looked for this path in singles even in the last interviews, it seems that the moment of Big E has finally arrived in the rings of Smackdown and WWE in general, with Kofi Kingston who already received such a moment last year, even arriving to win the WWE title from the hands of Daniel Bryan, however, losing it sensationally in October against the WWE Beast: Brock Lesnar.

WWE’s original plans for Big E

Apparently, the plans that currently involve the former Smackdown Tag Team Champion in the rings of the blue show should not have been WWE's plans for him since last year. According to reports from the well-known overseas site Ringside News, apparently the Chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon, had in mind to turn the massive component of the New Day heel last year, making it go in stark contrast to those who they were the ideals of the rest of the New Day group and actually starting his career as a single as early as last year.

Apparently, the three would not have had to enter into a feud between them, as expressly requested by them several times, but Big E would still have had to exit New Day, to travel his way from heel to ring in the WWE, with Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston who were supposed to remain baby faces instead.

In the end, it is not known for what reason, Vince McMahon has never given his approval to this storyline, with Big E who remained alongside the only member of the New Day currently available, Kofi, with the trio that remained in fact in action like a duo, at least until the return of the still injured Xavier Woods.

For whatever reason the WWE did not pull the trigger though. As evident from what happened last week, they have opted against turning him heel. His solo run will also come without breaking the group, which means, in case the move doesn’t turn out as planned they can always get back together and continue to do what they do best.