WWE Superstars Edge And Ricochet Talk about Dream Opponents

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WWE Superstars Edge And Ricochet Talk about Dream Opponents

WWE Superstar and Hall of Famer Edge spoke about his dream WrestleMania opponents along with Ricochet recently. They appeared at a virtual San Diego Comic-Con where Sam Roberts was also present. Due to the pandemic, the actual Comic-Con event had to be canceled.

They spoke about various wrestling related topics, and also about the action figures. This virtual show was held by WWE and Mattel. Bill Miekina, Mattel’s action figure designer, spoke first: "This is the first-ever Paul Ellering action figure with two swappable heads so you can do 1992 version of Paul Ellering or a more recent version.

Also, I believe the first time ever for Rocco's action figure which I'm pretty excited about," said Miekina.

WWE Superstars Edge And Ricochet Talk about Dream Opponents

"I remember having Hasbros and literally going, 'I wish they would make a Rocco for my Legion of Doom Hasbros.'

This is incredible," said Sam Roberts. "You're actually gonna make me buy two sets of WrestleMania figures so I can get a current date Paul Ellering and old-school Paul Ellering holding Rocco. That's so cool."

"If you cross the streams and go current Paul Ellering with Rocco, I don't know what happens," replied Edge. "I think the universe collapses," stated Roberts. "The collector universe collapses in on itself."

Sam Roberts then proceeded to ask the superstars about their dream WrestleMania opponents. "Rhea Ripley," joked Edge. "However, Beth Phoenix and Edge vs. Rhea Ripley and a partner of her choosing could be pretty badass.

But Bret Hart Iron Man Match." "I was gonna say Beth Phoenix anyway," replied Ripley. "So, let's make it happen. Let's go!" "We're throwing out mixed tag ideas right now and if Edge and Beth Phoenix wanna throw out mixed tag ideas, I think there's two people who would take you up on that offer right here," Johnny Gargano said.

"Honestly, there's so many different answers for me because it's hard," said Ricochet. "Shawn Michaels is one. Rey Mysterio is one. Eddie Guerrero is one. Edge is one. It's hard for me to choose as I'm a fan of everybody.

I don't know. Maybe The Rock because I'm a big fan. Randy Orton is up there. There's so many people I would like to. It's a hard question." WWE Legend Edge made his WWE comeback this year. He had to spend 9 years away from WWE as he was recovering from a serious neck injury.