WWE Superstar Adam Cole on the Pat McAfee Incident

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WWE Superstar Adam Cole on the Pat McAfee Incident

WWE Superstar Adam Cole recently spoke about the Pat McAfee incident that occurred on the Pat McAfee Show. McAfee and Cole have been taking shots at each other since as far back as 2018. All of this led to a heated moment during one of McAfee’s shows last week.

McAfee used to talk trash about Cole’s NXT Title reign and about how tall Cole is. Cole actually shoved the microphone on the ground and started shouting at McAfee. He then left the show. Cole actually sent an apology to McAfee on Twitter: "I've had the weekend to think about everything, and it's still hard to put into words where to begin," Cole wrote.

"First of all, to anyone that I offended, I apologize. I apologize because I represent a brand that commands respect. Not just because of what we do in the ring, but how we handle ourselves outside the ring. Even though he continued to push my buttons, I still should have kept my composure and acted like a professional.

I'm embarrassed by my reaction, and I will make sure something like that never happens again. Thanks for the continued support everyone."

WWE Superstar Adam Cole on the Pat McAfee Incident

Cole has not yet received a response from McAfee, but we believe that he will accept the apology.

Cole definitely lost his temper during that show and things like these happen. Adam Cole is one of the top superstars in NXT right now. NXT is one of WWE’s most important brands as it is directly competing against AEW Dynamite.

AEW Dynamite is AEW’s flagship show. They have acquired numerous famous WWE Superstars within a year. Charlotte Flair and Adam Cole are forced to work quite hard at NXT as they have to carry the brand along with other superstars such as Keith Lee.

NXT loses almost every single week to AEW Dynamite. AEW Dynamite regularly secures a good rating in key demographics. Before AEW, WWE really had no real competitor and no indie promotion could match them. Almost all famous indie wrestlers received lucrative contracts from WWE which nearly killed the indie wrestling scene in the US.

Adam Cole is one of the few NXT stars that can easily pull of complex moves with ease. He is also a very consistent performer and is able to stay active as he doesn’t get himself injured easily.