*Spoiler* Randy Orton challenges Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam

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*Spoiler* Randy Orton challenges Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam

It had already been announced on the eve of the event, that Randy Orton would be present during the episode of Monday Night Raw aired this night, his next challenge, after closing the Edge chapter in a currently definitive way, with Big Show which was only a short chapter of the ascent to the cards of the red show of the found WWE Legend Killer.

In the last episode of the WWE Monday night red show, in fact, Randy Orton has targeted one of the most fit athletes at the moment, going to sanction a feud that will bring the two up to SummerSlam and probably even after Big Four of the summer.

During his initial promo at Monday Night Raw, Randy Orton compared himself to sacred monsters of the discipline such as The Rock or "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, saying that both legendary athletes have not conquered even a tenth of what has reached him in WWE.

The only thing that is currently missing from the Legend Killer, however, is a title, which apparently would have already been found by Orton and would be the one currently in the hands of the Scottish Scottish Raw: Drew McIntyre.

Update on Randy Orton

Randy Orton has so threatened Drew McIntyre, because he has the only thing Orton wants now, or the WWE Championship, with the WWE Viper who immediately challenged the Scottish Scotsman to a match titled for Summerslam, with the same McIntyre not he could do nothing but accept the challenge launched by Orton later in the evening.

If all this was not enough to sanction the challenge in a decisive way, to put the exclamation mark on what the RKO thought to the champion thought immediately after his match in the main event of Raw, with Orton who landed so in very few fractions according to McIntyre, in the disbelief of the Performance Center.

Orton delivered a promo Monday night, leaving no doubt about his preference for SummerSlam. The Viper is also doing some of his best work in years, so rewarding him with a championship match at a major show makes sense. McIntyre should benefit from having a captivating heel chasing the title after feuding with Dolph Ziggler, whom few fans view as a credible threat.

SummerSlam takes place on Sunday, August 23 inside the WWE Performance Center and will stream live on the WWE Network. During his initial years in WWE, Orton's gimmick was that of "the Legend Killer", a young and cocky talent who disrespected and usually defeated several legends.

In late 2007, in the midst of his second WWE Championship reign, his character changed to a more unstable and treacherous personality. He then adopted the nicknames of "the Viper" and "the Apex Predator" due to his untrustworthy, snake-like character.

He has said numerous times that he prefers playing the villain as it is easier and more natural for him: "It's easy for me to go out there and be a prick on the show because it's me times ten. And even though you probably don't like me anyway, give me five minutes and I'll make you not like me more. Being a heel is fun. It comes so natural."