Matt Hardy says he’s abandoning all of his gimmicks

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Matt Hardy says he’s abandoning all of his gimmicks

In his WWE career, Matt Hardy won the World Tag Team Championship seven times (with Jeff Hardy), three times the Raw Tag Team Championship (with Bray Wyatt, Jeff Hardy and Montel Vontavious Porter) and once each the SmackDown Tag Team Championship (with Jeff Hardy) , the ECW Championship, the United States Championship, the European Championship, the Cruiserweight Championship and the Hardcore Championship; it also captured the André the Giant Memorial Trophy in 2018.

Hardy has posted a new video to Youtube in which he says that it’s time to drop all of his gimmicks and be ‘Matthew Hardy.’

Matt Hardy on abandoning all of his gimmicks

“When I first made the decision to come to All Elite Wrestling, I was excited and I thought the sky’s the limit, no doubt.

What I expected, when I first debuted as ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy, at AEW Wrestling, is every single night, every single Wednesday at Dynamite, a sold out arena across America. I thought there would be a thousand people screaming at the top of their lungs, ‘DELETE!

DELETE! DELETE!’. But that isn’t what happened. What I didn’t expect is that Broken Matt would debut at the first-ever AEW empty arena event. That’s where I debuted. And Broken Matt never performed in front of AEW fans.

And that’s one of the coolest things about All Elite Wrestling is the passion of the fanbase. And for sure, I came in and I did Broken Matt…he’s such an interactive, fan-friendly performer-character-gimmick, whatever.

I was like, ‘Man, this will be a hit. This will work. This is gonna be great. This is gonna be my best and greatest run yet.’ But that’s not what happened and that was frustrating. So I decided to change course as any good professional does.

So I decided to do like a highlight reel. Let’s do the best of Matt Hardy. Let’s give you Matt Hardy’s best moments. Matt Hardy’s best personas. Let’s wrap it all up in one and do a Matt Hardy highlight reel.

Kinda the opposite of what my brother’s being asked to do somewhere else. And so I decided to do my part to try and heal some of this division, trying to do what I can to put it back together. Trying to be a voice of reason.

I’ve had a lot of life experiences. So maybe now it is time for me, on AEW programming to just be real and be someone I have never been on TV or on screen before and that’s me. Maybe it’s time for me to be Matthew Hardy. Maybe it’s time for me to just be me" - Matt Hardy explained.