WWE Legend Jim Ross on Bobby Lashley’s Career

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WWE Legend Jim Ross on Bobby Lashley’s Career

WWE Legend Jim Ross spoke about the career of popular WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley on his podcast recently. His podcast is called the Grilling J.R. Ross is a legendary WWE commentator and a WWE Hall of Famer. Many people recognize his voice and he is, without doubt, the reason why some matches in WWE were so memorable.

Ross took notice of the fact that Bobby Lashley’s career is being compared to that of Brock Lesnar. This is not Lashley’s first run in WWE. He started fighting in WWE many years ago.

WWE Legend Jim Ross on Bobby Lashley’s Career

Ross spoke about Vince McMahon and Lashley’s meeting.

"He didn't meet Bobby in the grandiose way that he met Brock Lesnar, apples and oranges here," Ross said. "The comparison was physical. Lashley had this great strength, amateur background, he looked great, all the same things you can say about Brock.

We've got another heavyweight amateur star that we've got great expectations for, I can describe when we first signed Brock the same exact way." Lashley made his first appearance in WWE in 2005. He was introduced as a four-time All-American, 2002 Silver Medalist at the Military World Championship, a two-time Armed Forces Champion and a three-time National Amateur Champion.

He was basically going to go on a path similar to that of Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar. "Vince had a new toy that he loved to look at," Ross said. "Could Bobby have used a little bit more time in the farm or working the second or third match on house shows? Yes, he should've had more time.

I had the same battles with Vince about Brock Lesnar. Creative wanted to bring Brock Lesnar up earlier than I wanted him to go and I simply told Vince 'He can't protect anybody right now, he's still learning things and he's so god damn strong that a small calculated error could be disastrous.'

" Ross then spoke about another WWE Superstar called Shelton Benjamin. He too belonged to an amateur wrestling background. Ross believes that Benjamin was pushed way too early in his career. "If we had spent more time with Shelton Benjamin on his promos, we would've had a major major star on our hands," Jim Ross said.

"There was nothing, absolutely nothing, in the ring Shelton Benjamin couldn't do and that holds true today. He's a freak of nature athletically and a good human being. We should've cut him from the herd and put him with somebody so he can have practice on the mic and talking than he did drills in the ring. That's our fumble, we messed that up for him."