Vince McMahon has an outrageous idea for WWE SummerSlam

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Vince McMahon has an outrageous idea for WWE SummerSlam

For several months now, due to the health emergency, WWE is forced to shoot the shows without the presence of the public. Not only Raw, SmackDown or NXT, but also the PPVs that appear less intriguing without the public. PWInsider Elite colleagues have reported that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is considering moving SummerSlam's Pay per View from the Performance Center to a ship, yacht or even a beach.

This happens to be a situation that is to be evaluated considering the evolution of the virus, but what is certain is that in Stamford they want to do something different. According to what Bryan Alvarez reports to Wrestling Observer Live, the goal is to do something different in this Pay per View, but at the moment we do not know exactly what, we do not know if it will be a boat or any other particular place.

This year's SummerSlam could take place in...

Continuing to clarify the situation Bryan Alvarez reported: "Vince McMahon does not want SummerSlam to be another PPV played in an empty arena with a group of few fans wearing masks.

Vince wants something different and nobody knows what he has in mind. There are various possibilities, WWE could also retrace something in the wake of Boyenard Match or in any case a very extravagant plan. Vince didn't like the last Pay per View for this reason and now he wants to change."

SummerSlam is less than 4 weeks away, so WWE will have to decide soon what to do. Corridor rumors claim that the most real possibility is to play the show on a beach near Orlando. An outdoor event is much safer than any show at the Performance Center and this could be a temporary solution that the federation could use even after SummerSlam.

AEW Dynamite has held most of its shows at Daily's Place in Jacksonville, an outdoor venue, and this has brought excellent results. The decisions of Vince McMahon in recent weeks do not seem liked by all insiders and even according to some American rumors there are some in the federation who are calling for the resignation or in any case the farewell of the Federation Chairman.

The company had originally planned to hold the event at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts on August 23 and were allegedly selling tickets for the show until earlier this month. Events such as WrestleMania 36 and Money In The Bank have already been held at the Performance Centre with 'cinematic matches' playing a key role.