Reason why Drew McIntyre vs Dolph Ziggler is a non-title match

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Reason why Drew McIntyre vs Dolph Ziggler is a non-title match

Throughout this week WWE promoted as the Main Event of the last episode of Raw the challenge for the WWE Championship between the reigning champion Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler. Just about two days before the event, the federation owned by Vince McMahon announced that this would be a No-Title Match, a rematch of Extreme Rules but without the title of champion at stake.

During Wrestling Observer Radio they explained why the Stamford Federation made this particular decision: the reality was that during the same episode of Raw, previously, there were some parts that talked about the meeting between Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre to SummerSlam and to put the title up for grabs after Orton's statements at the beginning of the episode appeared only as a great own goal.

In particular they report: "Within an hour in the federation they made this decision because the goal was to immediately promote the match between The Viper and The Scottish Psychopath in the next Pay per View."

After all, Randy Orton at the beginning of the episode could have been more ambiguous, and perhaps we would have witnessed a different story.

Randy Orton is Drew McIntyre's next challenger

We attended however during Monday Night Raw at the Main Event which saw Ayr's wrestler win without any particular problems.

Before the meeting, Drew McIntyre decided on the conclusion of the match, an Extreme Rules Match. At the end of the meeting Randy Orton also made an RKO on the WWE Champion thus starting what promises to be an incredible and important feud.

Recently, during an interview with, Drew McIntyre talked about his adventure as a champion. Here are his words: "When I arrived in America, my big goal was to become the first British champion in history. Not even British Bulldog has ever won the title.

The same goes for William Regal or Wade Barrett, who had his big break with the Nexus, but his leap in quality never materialized. It's surprising that no one has ever done it, but winning the title has always been my biggest dream."

Randy Orton showed the WWE Universe how serious he was when he assaulted Drew McIntyre after he beat Dolph Ziggler. According to Dave Meltzer, on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, the confusion about the match being a non-title one was caused because of the nixed plans from last week.

“Last week one of the segments was going to be Randy Orton going for the title, but it was torn up. Obviously, it was torn up because they were going to do the title match at the next show and they talked about the title match on this show.

Then within an hour they decided that they just wanted to make sure that the Orton/McIntyre match was promoted this week because they didn’t promote it last week originally, they delayed it a week, but they promoted it before that [Ziggler] match and [Orton] was directly challenging McIntyre, not the winner so it was a fact because they were doing it that way they had to do it a non-title match”.