*Spoiler* Aleister Black being written off WWE TV?

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*Spoiler* Aleister Black being written off WWE TV?

As widely seen during the recent episode of Monday Night Raw, the ex-talent of NXT Aleister Black, who has been on the rings of the federation's red show for several months now, was brutally attacked with steel steps by the couple formed by Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy, with Monday Night Raw's Messiah who reserved the same treatment as the San Diego elf, Rey Mysterio, also to the dark athlete of the company's flag show.

Apparently, this angle is said to have been strongly desired by the WWE leadership and especially by Vince McMahon to keep the athlete out of the scene for a while, who after such a serious injury (at least in terms of kayfabe), he will have to remain at least a few weeks off-screen, probably due to a lack of plans for him.

Rumors on Aleister Black

As revealed by the words of the well-known overseas journalist Dave Meltzer, through the microphones of the head of the Wrestling Observer, we learn that: "I know the original plans were to have him out for a while, I don't know exactly how much.

This was the original idea before proposing the angle of the injury with Aleister Black, which is still a strange move due to the lack of talents you already have on the roster." At the moment, as pointed out by the Obserevr journalist, understands why WWE has decided to keep the former NXT champion out of the weekly programs, with Aleister Black who despite being not a fixed main eventer, however, turns out to be a great quality athlete in order to carry on a good minute in that of Monday Night Raw.

The umpteenth absence of Black, thus adds to the many athletes who have already disappeared from the TV screens of the McMahon federation, some for one reason, some for another. In the list of WWE Superstars that are currently missing at the roll call, we remember there are prominent names such as: Charlotte flair, Becky Lynch, Roman Reigns, Sami Zayn and many other former federation champions.

We will see where this storyline, firmly wanted by Vince McMahon and associates, will also go to parry, in a difficult time for the programs of the number one company in the world of pro-wrestling. That WWE would consider sidelining Aleister Black at a time when so many wrestlers are absent from their television tapings is a curious move, though the former NXT Champion was always thought to be a Paul Heyman guy - and Heyman is no longer running creative on RAW.