Evolution 2 set to take place in 2020

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Evolution 2 set to take place in 2020

The 2020 WWE calendar has been completely distorted in recent months and the Stamford-based federation has had to make several changes to the organization of its shows. Apparently, a beloved PPV could make his return in 2020 and it seems that fans won't have to wait long.

After the absence of last year, in fact, it seems that WWE is intending to re-propose Evolution (2), the all-female special event that met with great success in 2018, when Ronda Rousey defeated Nikki Bella in the main event and Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair surprised everyone in their Last Woman Standing Match.

In recent weeks, PWInsider had revealed that the McMahon company would start discussing Evolution's return to this year's PPV calendar and that former Impact Wrestling world champion Tessa should make her big surprise debut at the event.

Blanchard. Now the rumors are becoming more insistent and new rumors are coming about the future of the show and its possible date of transmission.

WWE ‘planning on bringing back Evolution

Alex McCarthy has revealed to Sportskeeda that WWE considers Evolution 2 to be an already confirmed show, saying that it would be "stupid" not to organize it this year given all the changes that have been made to the plans for this 2020.

McCarthy also revealed that the event will most likely be held before the end of the year and that it could arrive on the WWE Network much sooner than many expect. According to some rumors, WWE would be ready to air Evolution on Sunday 30 August, just a week after SummerSlam, the most important event of the summer.

It is believed that the greater attention that female wrestlers like Asuka, Bayley and Sasha Banks are gradually gaining is precisely to be found in the will of the Stamford federation to propose an event in PPV completely dedicated to the women's division, even without prominent names such as Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair, the Bella Twins or legends like Trish Stratus and Lita.

And female figures within the company are pushing for it to happen, meaning we could get another all-woman spectacular before the year is out. Amid the chaos caused by the global pandemic and the havoc wreaked on the wrestling schedule, it would certainly be a morale-booster for the women who bust their guts every single night in the ring.

WWE’s Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon spoke last year on the possibility of Evolution 2. She told talkSPORT: “It is certainly something that we are pushing for. “There’s no official announcement just yet and yes, there was a lot of balls in the air and wheels in motion in terms of this year and, of course, one of the big focuses was on our event in Saudi Arabia and having our women being allowed to perform."