WWE announces storyline fine for Nia Jax

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WWE announces storyline fine for Nia Jax

Among the many storylines that continued during the last episode of Monday Night Raw, there was one that saw the protagonists of the two monster heels par excellence of the whole WWE, namely Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax, who collided brutally to see who between the two was in better shape to have a titled match in that of Summerslam, with Shayna who had gone to challenge Nia openly, after the long promo of Randy Orton, who had sensationally challenged the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre right in the Summer Big Four.

After reaching the hands, Raw's two heels also started an official match between them, which ended after a few seconds from the ringing of the bell, for a count outside the ring. What no one expected, however, is that the two continued to fight, despite the intervention of a massive group of referees and WWE officers, who were literally beaten by the couple, especially by Nia Jax.

WWE has announced a storyline fine to Nia Jax

Apparently, such behavior by Nia Jax would have made the management decide to heavily fin the athlete, who will thus be deprived of his salary for an indefinite period of time.

As can be seen from the message of the federation itself, in fact: "Nia Jax has been fined an indefinite amount for inappropriate contacts with multiple official WWEs, after her match against Shayna Baszler of Monday Night Raw, WWE.com is now aware of it."

Obviously the whole thing should be only part of a storyline, with Jax who will now probably take it out on someone else too, for the frustration of being fined by the federation and with the same athlete who would seem to have even deleted his official Twitter profile as a sign of protest for the fine that the WWE has trimmed her and with Shayna Baszler who apparently would not have suffered any type of punishment yet, even though she also attacked some of the federation officials.

There's speculation on Jax vs. Baszler taking place at WWE SummerSlam due to last night's brawl, but that has not been confirmed. On a related note, Jax has deleted her Twitter once again. It looks like she deleted or deactivated her account at @NiaJaxWWE sometime in the last 20 hours, before last night's RAW.

The page now includes this message: "This account doesn't exist. Try searching for another." Stay tuned for updates on Nia Jax and Baszler.