Edge provides injury update

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Edge provides injury update

One of the WWE Superstars that is most missing at the moment in the rings of the Stamford federation, is certainly the Hall of Famer Edge, which has given birth to a wonderful feud with the friend/enemy Randy Orton, which began in early 2020 and finished in Backlash, one of the last WWE ppv in which the two participated in the "biggest wrestling match in history"

Unfortunately for the Rated R Superstar and his fans, Edge suffered a fairly serious injury during the filming of the very long Backlash match, with the Canadian who in fact managed to remedy a triceps tear in his right arm, which was later subjected to a delicate surgical operation.

Although it is still unknown how long it will take for his return, Edge still wanted to reassure his fans about the progress of the injury, even in his last intervention in front of the federation cameras.

News on Edge

In the last edition of the WWE program, The Bump, the Canadian appeared in front of the cameras of the McMahon federation, in connection via Zoom, to receive a Bumpy award, thanks to his 44-minute match against Orton in Backlash.

Obviously, one of the first questions that was asked to the Canadian was about his recovery and the current situation related to his injury, with Edge replying that he is improving day by day, although he is still very far from complete recovery.

After the direct question, Edge also showed the sign of the visible scar on the elbow that remained and revealed to his interlocutors that he could only bend and extend his arm up to a certain point, showing him in favor of the room.

For anyone wishing to see the intervention of Edge to the microphones of WWE The Bump, here is the video, in which unfortunately Edge has not given a precise date on when he will be able to return to training or even return to fight for the happiness of fans of the WWE Universe.

He said he can “almost straighten” his arm now, and that’s it. Edge hasn't provided any kind of time table about when he will be back in the ring. At least he was in good spirits. A WrestleMania encounter is waiting for Edge when he does return.

WWE already has Edge vs Randy Orton on the WrestleMania line-up. That is the only match that the company is currently planning, but as we exclusively reported that wouldn’t be the case if Vince McMahon listened to Paul Heyman.