WWE possibly changing Aleister Black's gimmick

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WWE possibly changing Aleister Black's gimmick

One of the most impressive angles of the last episode of Monday Night Raw that aired in the night between Monday and Tuesday, was certainly the brutal attack made by the couple Seth Rollins-Buddy Murphy against Aleister Black, who had intervened in RAW to save Rey Mysterio's son, Dominick, from the brutal ending his father had had in the Extreme Rules Eye for an Eye match.

Unfortunately for him, this end fell on Aleister Black, who was pushed hard with one eye against the steel steps leading to the ring, literally knocking him out. Apparently, this angle has been deliberately staged by the WWE leadership to justify a fairly prolonged absence of the boy from the in-ring action and now we are also aware of the reason why WWE wants to keep the former NXT champion.

WWE possibly changing Aleister Black's gimmick

Apparently, the main motivation behind Raw's brutal attack would be to be found behind the desire of Vince McMahon in person to change character to Raw's dark boy, with the dark character who would not totally convince the company's Chairman.

from Stamford. As reported by Alex McCarthy of TalkSport, in fact: "Vince is a huge fan of the performer - and Tommy. The size. The agility. The skills. But he is very worried about her character, who is a gimmick that could limit him a lot."

Although it initially seemed to many fans that Vince McMahon was not one of the number one fans in the WWE backstage of Raw's talent, apparently, the choice of changing gimmick to Aleister Black is said to have started right from Vince himself, who is worried about the boy's future if he had to achieve important goals in WWE, with a dark and mysterious enough character that could in fact close many doors to the former NXT Champion, as done in the past with the WWE Deadman: The Undertaker.

This does seem like a strange decision to make when they are in such need of talent. We’ll have to see what Mr. McMahon decides to do. Black is very popular and a lot of fans were upset to see him treated in such a way on RAW this week.

We can only imagine the response when they discover that Vince McMahon doesn’t think Black’s gimmick will hold up when it comes to wider appeal. The belief is that Paul Heyman is a huge fan of Black, and that's why the Dutch Destroyer has barely lost a match since he debuted on the main roster.

Then right after Heyman was removed from his creative role and McMahon took back full control, Black lost almost immediately.