Update on Dominick Mysterio's WWE future

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Update on Dominick Mysterio's WWE future

During his first WWE interventions, Dominick Mysterio certainly did well. The wrestler, son of Rey Mysterio, was the protagonist in the last episode of Monday Night Raw, where he attacked and challenged Seth Rollins, guilty of stopping his father.

Now, everyone in WWE is preparing for the debut in the ring of this boy, a debut that should officially take place at SummerSlam. The only doubt that still exists in Stamford is 'what will be the first official match for Dominick.

Rumors on Dominik Mysterio

In the latest edition of the Dropkick DiSKussions podcast, Tom Colohue and Korey Gunz discussed the ongoing feud between Rey Mysterio and his son as opposed to Seth Rollins & Murphy. According to Colohue, the main objective for SummerSlam is to play a Tag Team Match between Rey Mysterio & Dominick and Seth Rollins & Murphy: this meeting could only be there if Rey signs the new contract with the company.

Another alternative (preferred by the Mysterios) is for Dominick to face Seth Rollins in a Single Match, and according to Colohue this encounter could convince Rey Mysterio to sign a new contract. WWE's intention to push Dominik and make him grow in the company can only help negotiations between the two sides.

Here are his specific statements: "There is great anticipation for this feud and at the moment the main idea is to have a Tag Team Match between Rey Mysterio and his son on one side and Seth Rollins and Murphy on the other.

However, much will depend on Rey Mysterio's future and his choice to renew or not the contract with WWE "The Mexican-born American wrestler is currently knocked out due to the defeat he suffered at Extreme Rules, where he lost in the controversial" Eye For an Eye Match."

Dominick Mysterio started his WWE experience very well and both fans and insiders are extremely curious to see him in action. In the last episode, Murphy and Rollins attacked Dominick, although initially, the whole thing was only a verbal confrontation.

After hitting him several times in a very hard way, the two thought to make the boy do the same end as his father, but Dominick reacted and took revenge on his assailants thanks to a kendo stick that left evident marks on Seth's back Rollins.

WWE has announced that Rey Mysterio's son Dominick (Mysterio) will be on tomorrow's episode of RAW to confront Seth Rollins.