The Miz discusses John Morrison’s WWE return

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The Miz discusses John Morrison’s WWE return

In WWE, The Miz held once the WWE Championship, eight times the Intercontinental Championship, twice the United States Championship, four times the WWE Tag Team Championship (with John Morrison, with John Cena, with Damien Mizdow and with Big Show), two twice the World Tag Team Championship (with John Morrison and with Big Show) and twice the SmackDown Tag Team Championship (once with John Morrison and once with Shane McMahon); he also won the 2010 edition of Money in the Bank, which successfully cashed in Randy Orton, the first edition of the Mixed Match Challenge (with Asuka) in 2018 and the Elimination Chamber match with John Morrison in 2020.

On July 23 2012, at Raw 1000, he became the fourteenth wrestler in WWE history to complete the Grand Slam (new format). He is also the second wrestler with the most combined days as Intercontinental Champion (597) behind Pedro Morales (619).

He is the wrestler who, together with Kofi Kingston, has won multiple titles in the decade 2010-2019. Speaking with Jeffrey Harris for the 411 Wrestling Interviews Podcast, The Miz discussed how John Morrison’s return to WWE has revamped him.

The Miz on John Morrison

“Having John Morrison back has kind of revamped me, if you will. It makes me feel better, and John tests my abilities both physically and mentally. He’s an out of the box thinker, you know? He thinks like no one else I’ve ever met in my entire life.

And sometimes you’ve gotta tone him down and go, ‘That’s a little bit too out of the box.’ But I think us together is just immense chemistry, and we’ve been creating some really memorable moments.

And honestly? Memorable songs that people still sing to me. When we did our first song, it was a joke. And then the second song was even better. And it made me realize I can actually sing. Even though I can’t, like I don’t have a good voice, and neither does John.

But we made a song that our voices sound like angels, and amazing. So we’re working on a new song now that is going to be the summer hit, even though the summer’s almost over" - The Miz said. On what he’s accomplished in his career so far, he added: “Yeah, it’s only the tip of the iceberg for me, though.

Like, I look at it and I go, ‘There’s still things I want to do, still things I want to accomplish while I still can. I’m still healthy, I’m still fast. I feel very good in the ring. I feel like I’m the best I’ve ever been”.