Vince McMahon Comments on WWE’s Ratings Drop

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Vince McMahon Comments on WWE’s Ratings Drop

The WWE recently held their Q2 earnings call and Vince McMahon spoke about Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) recent rating drop. It is quite a well-known fact that WWE is not doing very well these days. Many people believe that Vince McMahon is the reason why the WWE is failing.

Vince McMahon still does not give any creative freedom to his employees and some of the storylines are simply not attractive enough. Vince McMahon actually spoke about what Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) needs to do to fix the ratings.

Curry Baker of Guggenheim Securities started the investors Question and Answer (Q&A) session. Baker stated that the pandemic had made a huge impact on how WWE operates and its production.

Vince McMahon on WWE's Rating Drop

He then asked Vince about why the ratings have dropped and the plan that WWE has in place to stop them from dropping further.

Baker also asked Vince about whether he is concerned about the ratings or not, how will Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) operate in the future during the pandemic, and what can be done to improve the ratings. "As far as ratings are concerned, again, more than any other sport, surely our audience is a part of the program," Vince said.

"It's audience interaction that always is a plus. Again it goes all the way back to the origination of this genre, in terms of 'yay and boo.' So, the audience is integral to our success and our television ratings.

Again, because of the interaction, or lack thereof." Vince went on to state that WWE simply needs to put out a better and more attractive product. To do this, Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) needs to have better storylines and more attractive characters.

"Not withstanding that, I think that we can have more compelling characters, better storylines, new characters coming to where we are right now, and more content that's not necessarily in the ring, but one that focuses on our personalities and their story outside of the ring," Vince McMahon said.

All Elite Wrestling is currently competing with WWE. AEW is more for the hardcore wrestling fans and the quality of their wrestling is slightly better than that of WWE. Fans speak about WWE on social media and many people believe that their product is stale. WWE has also not been able to produce many great stars to replace their old ones.