Vince McMahon has nixed plans for WWE Network

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Vince McMahon has nixed plans for WWE Network

One of the products offered by Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) which was launched only a few years ago but which has nevertheless changed the history of the pro-wrestling world, is called WWE Network and is an online thematic channel, where Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Universe fans who subscribe monthly to platform can see the company's current and past shows, including the more or less important Pay-Per-Views (PPVs) that the federation has aired since its inception.

Obviously, the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Network is always in continuous development and updating, as the material in possession by WWE is truly unsurpassed and of large quantities, having also acquired the rights of the old WCW or ECW brands, with the ppv of the ex rival companies that have been added to those of the Stamford-located Federation.

Apparently, at the beginning of the year there had also been the idea by the WWE management and by several shareholders of the McMahon federation, to expand the company's network on more products outside the WWE brand, such as wrestling European or the independent American, with Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer who would have confirmed several times the intention by the McMahons to put their hand to their on-demand programming.

Still according to the well-known Observer journalist, however, this idea was finally discarded by the WWE Chairman himself, Vince McMahon himself, who said he was no longer a fan of the idea at the moment, also considering the recent problems related the pandemic, which completely blocked the smallest companies in the world for months.

Update on WWE Network

Among the many promotions that should have landed on the WWE Network, the small realities of EVOLVE and PROGRESS also emerge, two small independent companies that, however, churned out several wrestlers who later became famous thanks to WWE and other majors around the world, such as example WALTER, Johnny Gargano, Austin Theory and many others.

We will see if Vince McMahon will pick up the idea maybe in a short time or if the WWE Network will remain only and exclusively a platform that sends products from the WWE nursery on stage, with rights entirely owned by the McMahons.

McMahon isn’t a fan of that idea anymore and therefore it was dropped. It should be noted that McMahon changes his mind all of the time and this could change. Just last July, it was noted on the WWE investor conference call that the tiered pay plan for the WWE Network would be coming sometime within the next 12 months. Thus, a year later, WWE is only offering free and paid versions of the network.