AJ Styles talks WWE SummerSlam possibly being outside

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AJ Styles talks WWE SummerSlam possibly being outside

With the advent of the health emergency in 2020, one of the main problems for WWE is the total absence of audiences from the shows. The federation of Vince McMahon is trying to solve this problem in every way and the latest rumors concern the next PPV, or SummerSlam.

In recent weeks, numerous hypotheses have appeared, imaginative or not, on the possibility of playing this Pay per View with the presence (at least partial) of the public. Last Monday Mike Johnson reported that WWE was trying to organize this event in an outdoor location, and to be exact on a beach or ship.

Also on that day, Bryan Alvarez reduced this hypothesis, stating however that the WWE Chairman would like to do something really extravagant. There are many hypotheses about this event and about SummerSlam the WWE wrestler AJ Styles, through his Twitch account, commented on this story with some pessimism.

WWE Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles took to his Twitch stream last night to comment on the reports saying WWE is hunting for an outdoor SummerSlam location.

AJ Styles on SummerSlam

Styles is under the impression that all of WWE's content will be produced from the Performance Center until 2021.

"I have no idea what's going on with SummerSlam or where it's gonna be, if it's going to be at the PC or if we're actually going to get to do this," Styles explained. "If I'm a betting man, I bet that we don't do anything until 2021 outside the Performance Center.

I could be wrong; I hope I'm wrong, but just based on everything and how everything is going on, it would surprise me if we did. I've got one [mask] that I'd really like to use here in WWE. Oh, I had the perfect one.

It was going to be great against The Undertaker, but we know how that ended," AJ said. "We didn't get the opportunity to do something like that because of the change. You know, there were no big entrances, right? That was what we missed about WrestleMania were those entrances, and those outfits," AJ Styles added.

"I mean, everybody does their thing for it. You get new gear and it's strictly for WrestleMania. It's a big deal and, man, those entrances are awesome. I was hoping to have a great one this one, but I will not tell you what it was."

Recently the current Intercontinental Champion has revealed that it would be among his wishes to have a "Loser Leaves Town Match" against The Undertaker at SummerSlam.