WWE Payback to take place week after SummerSlam

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WWE Payback to take place week after SummerSlam

There seems to be some chaos in WWE's annual PPV programming, where now less than a month from SummerSlam, the most important event of WWE's summer 2020, there will be another PPV that will distance itself from the federation's summer Big Four.

only a week, which almost never happened during the history of the federation. Although the cases of special shows that are a few days apart are now common within the WWE, usually these events are distinguished by the fact that to send them on stage, they are different roster.

In recent years, in fact, the biggest ppv of the WWE main roster, were always preceded by a big event of NXT, a TakeOver to be precise, where the young boys of the yellow roster of the federation went to sum up their storylines more important with a real ppv inside the roster of NXT.

Apparently, in recent weeks, the idea that WWE withdrew the possibility of building a new all-female PPV, the much-discussed Evolution, had feared, with this hypothesis that it would currently be shelved, to instead be included in the calendar.

of the Stamford company a new ppv, just a week from Summerslam. According to what reported and confirmed by the well-known overseas website WrestleVotes, WWE would have officially abandoned the idea of keeping an Evolution II in this period, also considering the great absences in its female roster, with Becky Lynch, Kairi Sane, Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair who are no longer part of WWE programming at the moment.

Instead of Evolution, a PPV totally dedicated to women, WWE has instead added Payback, a brand already seen in recent years, which will strangely follow the federation's largest summer ppv for only a week and at the moment it is not known why.

WWE adding ‘Payback’ event to august lineup

For now, in fact, WWE programming reports SummerSlam for the 23rd of August and Payback exactly 7 days later, on the 30th of the same month, with the well-known overseas site that has promised some news shortly, which should come directly from the environments interior of the Stamford company.

According to Wrestlevotes, WWE Payback will be held on August 30, one week after SummerSlam. Although Payback has traditionally been available on pay-per-view via cable operators, it’s unknown if this will strictly be a WWE Network special.

"For whatever reason, WWE has added an additional PPV to the schedule, ONE week after SummerSlam. Payback will take place August 30th." The last WWE Payback event was in April 2017 at the SAP Center in San Jose, featuring Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman.