Seth Rollins could have a surprising match

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Seth Rollins could have a surprising match

In the last week's episode of Monday Night Raw, one of the most interesting segments was certainly the clash between Seth Rollins, his partner Murphy and the newcomer Dominick Mysterio, son of Rey Mysterio. The latter offered a very good test and showed immediately that it can prove to be one of the biggest surprises of WWE.

In addition to the performance of the son of the Mexican-born wrestler, a slight hatred and even the possibility of an incredible separation between the Monday Night Messiah and his disciple Murphy was noted. During his Dropkick DiSKussions podcast, Tom Colohue revealed that Vince McMahon's federation has an emergency plan that sees the possibility of a feud between Rollins and his disciple, which is why it was discussed.

Here are his statements in general: "There is an emergency solution concerning a possible feud between Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy. Here is the reason why WWE put in place a small discussion in the last episode of Raw, but it seems likely that this contrast will then be put aside."

WWE SummerSlam plans for Murphy and Seth Rollins

The reason for this alternative plan concerns the contractual situation of Rey Mysterio. WWE's initial plans include a Tag Team Match at SummerSlam between Rey Mysterio and his son Dominick against Seth Rollins and Murphy, but it will all depend on signing for Rey Mysterio's new WWE contract.

The discussion between the ex Shield wrestler and his disciple arose after the first had asked to attack and injure Aleister Black's eye: initially Murphy hesitated, then after a slap of a nervous Rollins he changed his mind and left for assault of Black.

Beyond the latest on Rey Mysterio, it seems probable according to Colohue that WWE, after this feud carried on until SummerSlam, puts in place a possible Murphy revolt and a clash with Monday Night Messiah, definitively closing this alliance.

Seth’s disciple doubted it, but finally succumbed to the demands of their leader. Murphy was slapped by Rollins to explode and attack Black. Aleister Black scoffed at a possible character change after the angle, and that might have been the real purpose behind the attack.

The alliance between Rollins and Murphy would be to have a fight between them, but that will not happen soon. Plans in WWE may change daily. Colohue also says the current plan is for it to be a tag match, which would make more sense, given how green Dominik could be.

The match would be Rollins and his disciple Murphy against Rey and his son. But the door is open for Dominik to have that big singles match against Seth due to Mysterio’s contract situation.