Jim Ross on Taz Standing Behind Brian Cage During Promo


Jim Ross on Taz Standing Behind Brian Cage During Promo

Jim Ross recently spoke about Taz standing behind Brain Cage during their promo. Ross spoke about it on his podcast. He first spoke about Taz’s run in WWE. Taz was actually a very popular ECW star before he joined WWE. His first match in WWE was against Kurt Angle.

"Taz drew a short straw there," Ross said. "I thought if we booked Taz like he was utilized in ECW, we had something, that was not the case. I think that was out of defiance in the fact that Taz was a creation of Paul Heyman and ECW and his own work.

Sometimes that does not bode well in McMahon land."

Jim Ross on Taz Standing Behind Brian Cage During Promo

Taz’s height became a huge center of attention during his time in WWE. That was one of the reasons why he was pushed so hard in WWE.

"Height, god damn seems like it's all we talk about," Ross said. "Unfortunately it's true. Taz punching Rikishi, he has to punch up and McMahon would've noticed things like that." Ricky Starks and Brian Cage are managed by Taz in All Elite Wrestling.

They faced Jon Moxley and Darby Allin. Taz cut a promo to hype up the match before the match even started. Taz asked Cage to step in front of him "so we don't piss some people off”. JR stated that Taz was actually talking about him.

"I mentioned that too Taz recently," Ross said. "You know, you need to stand behind Brian Cage because you're so damn thick." Ross then spoke about how he interacts with AEW talents and how the pandemic has actually effected his interaction.

Ross stated that he enjoys talking about the positives with the AEW talent after they have a great match. He stated that he will talk to Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy next. "When I go to AEW and I see our talents on Wednesdays and you can interact with this virus thing, my goal is always to give these kids something positive to hang their hat on," Jim Ross said.

"That match Jericho had recently with Orange Cassidy. When I see them in person again, I am going to make sure [to let them know] you guys had a hell of a night. I really enjoyed calling that match with Tony [Schiavone] and Excalibur."

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