MVP on Nation of Domination Reunion

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MVP on Nation of Domination Reunion

MVP was on Say Less With Kaz and Lowkey where he spoke about his current WWE run and a few other WWE related topics. MVP made his WWE return at the Royal Rumble PPV. He wasn’t very successful in his previous WWE run either.

MVP spent most of his career recovering from health issues and on the indie circuit. He started by speaking about his current WWE run and stating that it is different from his last run. "Yeah, it's different because I have a much different mindset now.

I'm just not at a different stage of my life, at a different stage of my career. So things that used to be super important to me aren't as important anymore and things that I didn't really care that much about now," MVP deconstructed.

"I'm going to take the time to be like, 'No, no wait a minute. We got to pay some attention to that.' I've also at this stage in my career gotten better at picking and choosing my battles, because I'm known for speaking up when most people go, 'ah maybe you shouldn't say anything' and 'nah f--k that I got something to say' and sometimes that was youthful exuberance you know."

MVP on the Nation of Domination Being Reformed

According to rumors, the WWE is thinking about reforming the Nation of Domination which was a very furious group in the past. He stated that he is not interested in the Nation of Domination being reformed and that WWE is not looking to reform it.

"No, no, the short answer is no. You know because I've been hearing the chatter and I've been seeing that and I don't want to do the new anything you know. The Nation was done, it was awesome and the time it was done," MVP explained of his reaction to the initial plans.

"It was needed you know, stars were made. I don't want to rehash something else. I want to bring something new and I don't necessarily in our approach to The Hurt Business. Me and Bobby as you know, are legitimate friends.

Like away from wrestling, we boys. Shelton is one of my closest friends. I just like making money with my friends you what I'm saying." MVP then spoke about the lack of African American wrestlers in WWE and the conversations that he has had with Paul Heyman about it.

He stated that Heyman deserves credit for having a very diverse RAW roster. "I can't say for certain, only because I haven't been in those meetings, but I do know when I was a producer in the meetings that I was in," MVP posited.

"Careful consideration was given to lots of things like that. You know there'd be about 'we want to do this segment, how is that going to look if we did that with this guy and this girl?,' whatever the case may be.

So, I'm glad to say there is consideration given to those things. Those issues. As far as those uncomfortable conversations leading to more championships, I can't say because I haven't been in those conversations personally, but I do know this.