Update on the negotiations between Rey Mysterio and WWE

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Update on the negotiations between Rey Mysterio and WWE

In recent weeks, Rey Mysterio has moved away from WWE. The wrestler lost the last challenge against Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules, a match that even cost him an eye in the storyline. The reality is, however, that Rey Mysterio's future is exclusively linked to the renewal of the contract with WWE and at the moment the wrestler does not have a signed contract with any company.

In the last episode of Raw there was the exploit of Dominick Mysterio, who had an interesting segment with Seth Rollins and his disciple Murphy and started showing flashes of his worth. There are some ideas open in WWE but WWE is waiting to know the future of the San Diego wrestler and whether he will really sign a new agreement.

No change in negotiations between Rey Mysterio and WWE

According to reports from the Wrestling Observer, Rey Mysterio and Vince McMahon are still working on a deal, initially the wrestler wanted more money but the WWE chairman refused.

The federation's second-quarter numbers have made excellent profits, despite the pandemic, and it is very hard for the WWE owner not to satisfy the wrestler's demands. Vince McMahon will also have to be careful of the AEW assault, which has never denied the great passion for wrestlers and has long been thinking of hiring Rey.

Recently the Wrestling Observer has appeared optimistic about the renewal of the wrestler. For "not knowing how to read or write" WWE had carried on with the work, making Rey Mysterio go out of the scene with the defeat suffered against Seth Rollins, with the escape of his eye that would have thus justified a very long absence, plausible hypothesis if the wrestler has not found a renewal agreement with the company.

There is the AEW and not only with other pro-wrestling companies that carefully watch the situation of Rey Mysterio with the former WWE Champion that appeals to everyone given his experience and above all seen his great fame.

As we’ve been reporting here on eWn, Rey Mysterio continues to work without a WWE contract as the two sides continue to renegotiate. As you’d you expect, the “Eye for an Eye” match was done to write Mysterio off TV in the event that a deal is not reached.

As of earlier this week, there were no changes on where the negotiations stand and neither side is budging. With that being said, talks are still ongoing. Seth Rollins revealed that it was Vince McMahon who decided on what would happen and what the last shot would look like.