*Spoiler* Shorty G makes surprise heel turn

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*Spoiler* Shorty G makes surprise heel turn

Over the years, WWE has accustomed us to the most sensational turn heels, resulting from frightening quarrels or some really sneaky back attacks, with teams that have literally been destroyed and then entered the feuds for months and with several of the WWE superstars who have gone from being a babyface to being a real monster heel, with natural "bad" qualities that WWE Universe fans didn't even know could have such wrestlers.

Apparently, a turn heel, according to the creative team of the federation, could also happen for money, with the last episode aired on Friday Night Smackdown tonight, which is just the clear example of what we are there saying.

In the last episode of the blue show aired in the night, in fact, the king of the ring King Corbin, in a backstage segment, approached his ex-enemy Shorty G, with whom he had a long feud until a few months ago, in a strange and unusual way (hence the birth of the boy's new name).

The strange thing that the fans noticed, was in fact the kindness with which Corbin treated Shorty G for the first time since their feud, with the same king of the ring who promised a very large sum of money, if Shorty G had helped Corbin to take Matt Riddle out of his path, an athlete currently feuding with him.

WWE star Shorty G Chad Gable makes surprise heel turn

Immediately after his match of the evening against Drew Gulak, Baron Corbin was attacked by Matt Riddle, who avenged himself on the attacks of the last few weeks by the King of the ring, with Shorty G who, however, sensibly intervened in defense of Corbin , going to attack Riddle in turn and thus making a probable and shocking turn heel, to go to the side of King Corbin.

As a famous WWE character from the past, "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase would say now, each of us has a price and apparently King Corbin would have found the right one to have the help of Shorty G. Considering the two were involved in a lengthy feud, it is a surprising decision for the WWE to go to Chad Gable.

However, if there is one man that deserves to be on TV every week, it has to be him. Besides, this is definitely leading to a Riddle vs Gable match somewhere down the line, maybe even next week, and that will never be a bad thing.