*Spoiler* The Fiend makes shocking return on SmackDown

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*Spoiler* The Fiend makes shocking return on SmackDown

After reappearing in the final of the match for the Universal title between Bray Wyatt and the reigning champion Braun Strowman, in the battle of the swamp at Extreme Rules, The Fiend returned to terrorize the fans of the WWE Universe, with a resounding surprise attack carried out in the last episode of WWE SmackDown, aired until now as usual on FOX.

The appearance of the demon of the blue show, in fact, came as always by surprise and above all hit an athlete who until now had never come into contact with Wyatt's atler ego, with a sensational attack by the Fiend who it left the fans who were following the event speechless.

The Fiend's absence

This time, Alexa Bliss suffered the wrath of the SmackDown demon. Bliss, after appearing in a vision to Braun Strowman during the Swamp Fight, seems to have become a sort of weak point of the bearded giant of Smackdown, with The Fiend who thus thought of attacking the weak link in the relationship with Strowman, perhaps going to receive some benefits from this attack.

It all happened after Nikki Cross, longtime friend of Bliss, lost her titled match against Smackdown Bayley champion, who thus once again kept the belt of the blue show, with Alexa Bliss who had intervened immediately after the match in support of his defeated friend.

After pushing her, Nikki Cross left her friend Alexa alone in the Smackdown ring, also leaving the ring, with a probable split between the two or a turn heel of the former WWE tag team champion who seems to be getting closer and closer.

It was in this juncture, however, that the WWE demon appeared in the rings of Smackdown, going to attack with a brutal Mandible Claw the ex WWE world champion, between the disbelief and fear of WWE Universe fans who they watched the scene.

The Fiend hasn't competed since Super ShowDown 2020. He did make appearances at Wrestlemania and at Extreme Rules, though. At Super ShowDown, The Fiend lost his Universal Championship to Goldberg. He was scheduled to face Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 36 but the latter withdrew from the match.

WWE picked Strowman as Reigns' replacement and brought back Wyatt in the title picture. He was unsuccessful at Money in the Bank. But The Fiend is expected to regain the championship at SummerSlam. The pay-per-view event will take place on August 23.