WWE Legend Ric Flair on Working with Writers

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WWE Legend Ric Flair on Working with Writers

Ric Flair is one of WWE’s top legends and he recently spoke about working with writers. Ric Flair is it WWE Hall of Famer. He has Wrestled some of the best superstars in the world. Although he wrestled for a really long time in WWE, he was actually a very famous WCW wrestler.

Ric was recently on Booker T’s podcast. He was asked if he had ever worked with professional wrestling writers to write promos for him before he joined WWE. "No, absolutely not," Flair answered. "I guess I get to throw this in because this will come up in the next couple of minutes...

[Booker T] came along at a time when - I think when you started, you started getting big. And you can help me with this. [This] was at a time when people were trying to have more control and make it more stuff scripted, does that make sense? I can't really remember.

But certainly, when you first got going in WCW, you did your own promos, right? So I try to figure out what time frame those came in.

WWE Legend Ric Flair on Working with Writers

"Anyways, you're riding in on the road like I am, or you're talking to your brother, or your friend, or your wife and you're coming up with ideas.

You're bouncing it off and you're having fun doing it. Now, with the atmosphere, it just feels like a lot of pressure, and if the kids are creative, its just, kind of, not desperation but just trying to figure out who they are.

Which that can take a long time." He then spoke about what he believes is missing in modern wrestling. He stated that there are simply no big characters in the professional wrestling world anymore. "I think it's an immense number of huge characters," Ric Flair stated.

"Black wrestlers that I got to wrestle, and [Booker] probably did too on the way up, you could probably lift 20 guys that you wrestled a hundred times. I don't think there's anybody, with the exception of Randy Orton right now on the roster, that had that kind of experience to wrestle that many guys.

I mean, maybe AJ. I've got to think about it. I don't want to go beyond, but it's hard! In the same subject manner, AJ, Japan - he's been everywhere. And I thought, wow! When he came out the door and his first time at WWE, you had to think to yourself, man, where has this guy been? Right? And all he'd been to was TNA, I guess Ring of Honor, and Japan. They knew him when he came out of the door. It was huge!"