Ric Flair Talks About Not Having an in-ring role

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Ric Flair Talks About Not Having an in-ring role

Ric Flair, the great WWE Legend, spoke about not having an in-ring role in the WWE anymore. Ric wrestled past his prime and was still able to put on a great show for the fans. However, he is extremely old now and had to undergo numerous surgeries to deal with a variety of different health problems that he was having.

Flair was on Booker T’s podcast and he stated that he does not miss being away from the ring at all. He also stated that he still watches WWE shows to get an idea of the competition. "I have thought of asking Vince when I was there on TV to talk to everybody.

Number one: I don't miss anything," Flair asserted. "Even if [Charlotte] is not wrestling, I want to see what she's up against in terms of competition within the Women's Division. So, then I watch the show.

Ric Flair Talks About Not Having an in-ring role

"So where I used to go, I would text the writer or whatever. I say, 'if I wasn't there, I'd say what type, right?' But then I'd bounce around now. I just said, 'you know, I'm better off just watching the whole product, because if I'm going to be on your show, I don't watch the products and I really can't tell you what I think.

So I've made a point of watching everything." He also stated that he watches NXT, even though he has signed a new deal with WWE. He still wants to support WWE and the new talents anyway possible. "I even started watching NXT on a regular basis," Flair revealed.

"Not just because I'm loyal to the company, but because they don't actually go over to NXT. I think the company is making all three brands. It's going to attempt to but it basically has made NXT the third brand, and I expect it to keep getting bigger.

We need to all just say, 'Thank You Vince', and do everything we can to support him so the business does make it." Flair then spoke about how popular professional wrestling is and how any wrestler in any promotion can reach the top of the industry in a matter of days.

He used AJ Styles as an example. Styles wrestles for indie promotions such as NJPW, Impact Wrestling and ROH before he joined WWE. "So you can never speculate as to where someone catches the public eye," Ric Flair noted.

"That's one of the things that you got to be careful of. Where you go, you can be judged for the moment. It's just what it is. When [Styles] came out the door, that spoke volumes for the other promotions that you wouldn't have thought would have given him the recognition, and the defining audience that he's developed, and following with the WWE."