Vince McMahon has his eye on Brendan Vink for big push

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Vince McMahon has his eye on Brendan Vink for big push

In the last few weeks we have not seen anything in the rings of Monday Night Raw, but apparently, the ex-NXT talent Brendan Vink, would still be under contract with the federation and would be among other things on the active roster of the red show of the Monday evening of the federation, despite its last appearance dating back several months ago.

The former NXT athlete, in fact, also paired in the rings of the red show with Shane Torne, colleague of NXT first and tag team partner of the big boy of Raw then, with their movement in the WWE flag show strongly desired by Mad Genius, Paul Heyman, when the latter was still in command of the show's creative team.

It has been known for years, the fact that Vince McMahon has a penchant for big and bigger boys in his rings, with the athletes more strongly pushed by the patron of WWE who would have always sported a massive physique, as for example Roman Reigns, Ryback, Braun Strowman and many others in the recent and past history of WWF/E.

Vince McMahon on Brendan Vink

Apparently, Vince McMahon himself is said to be a great admirer of Vink's physique and work, with his partner Shane Torne who would have instead been sent back to NXT, to still work with the young levers of the yellow roster.

As for Brendan Vink, however, the well-known overseas Wrestling News site reports that: "Vince McMahon said he appreciates the boy because of his stature (he is almost two meters and comes from Australia) but he still needs to go slowly.

A WWE source describes Vink as the perfect wrestler that everyone talks about well and is someone who, like Drew McIntyre and John Cena, also looks great in front of the camera, acting like a real star and who could be very useful for mainstream TV and the interviews"

In practice according to Vince McMahon and according to some other sources inside the WWE, the ex-NXT boy could easily prove to be one of the new flagship faces of WWE, if not in terms of in-ring creativity, at least for social relations and with TVs, which in WWE are almost as fundamental as the titles they won in their career.

Vince McMahon likes big men and he always has. He also has a proclivity of continuing their push in the face of great opposition, especially from fans. Perhaps Brendan Vink will fit into Vince McMahon’s idea for RAW’s future better than Shane Thorne.

It appeared for a short time that MVP was taking Thorne and Vink under his wing. Perhaps there’s still room for Vink in the Hurt Business?