Tessa Blanchard and Triple H have communication for WWE contract

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Tessa Blanchard and Triple H have communication for WWE contract

One of the most appreciated wrestlers in the world of pro-wrestling in the last year is definitely Tessa Blanchard, former Impact Wrestling absolute champion, who thanks to the American company has managed to become one of the very few female athletes to win a world title usually destined only to the men of the wrestling companies, thus entering the history of the number three company in America, with its sensational victory.

After getting to grab the company's absolute title, the relationship between Impact Wrestling and Tessa Blanchard was irreparably ruined, leading the company's management to remove the title from the girl and finally release it.

At the moment, in fact, the girl turns out to be still a free agent, with the interest of the WWE that would now be a known thing and with a character that we know well, who apparently would already be taking the first steps in the negotiation to bring the girl in the WWE rings.

Apparently, according to the well-known overseas website Ringside News, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has not yet moved a finger in the girl's direction, not even knowing his work in the Impact Wrestling rings. Instead, to start the movement of the WWE business machine, his son-in-law Triple H after having thought about it, has already contacted the girl, for several weeks now, to start a negotiation and offer to He weaves a contract that brings the girl to perform with WWE.

Tessa Blanchard and Triple H have communication for WWE contract

Apparently, according to some internal WWE sources, no one has yet said anything to Vince McMahon about what his son-in-law would be doing, including Triple H himself, although negotiations with the former Impact Wrestling World Champion are now quite advanced.

It is not known at the moment, whether in the end Tessa Blanchard will sign with WWE or not, after what happened in Mexico, with the girl who did not want to take part in the Impact Wrestling tapings. Accident that eventually brought her to release from the company, with Triple H that would not have confirmed or denied anything yet, with the girl who will probably start from NXT like all her predecessors or maybe even starting right away from the main roster, given the great weightlessness of Raw.

Blanchard stayed in Mexico instead of taking a trip to Impact Wrestling’s television tapings to represent the company as champion. It’s unknown how far along the two sides are in terms of talks. There is also no word on whether Blanchard would be going to NXT first.