Reason why Bray Wyatt attacked Alexa Bliss

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Reason why Bray Wyatt attacked Alexa Bliss

In the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown we saw a sensational twist with The Fiend that applied, among general bewilderment, the Mandible Claw on Alexa Bliss. This all happened after an episode of the Firefly Fun House in which Bray Wyatt said that nobody is really safe until The Fiend gets the title of Universal Champion against Braun Strowman.

This segment, in addition to arousing amazement, was highly appreciated by the public, so much so that the video on YouTube reached over a million views and entered the Top 5 of YouTube. This situation can refresh the characters of Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman himself in SmackDown and the WWE is faced with an opportunity not to be missed.

Possible reasons why Bray Wyatt attacked Alexa Bliss

As SportsKeeda's colleagues point out, WWE could find an interesting angle in its hands that could benefit everyone, primarily the federation. Already assuming that by transforming into Heel Alexa Bliss or perhaps transforming it into Sister Abigail, a new plot could be created, favoring a situation that can only cheer fans.

With her transition to babyface, Alexa appeared less and less charismatic and interesting, and in this way new textures can also be added to the character of The Fiend, who, after the defeat against Goldberg, has lost part of her mystical aura.

Already at Extreme Rules we saw Alexa Bliss in the role of Sister Abigail and this situation that sees her as "Damsel in danger" and part of the feud between Braun Strowman and The Fiend can only do well: in this way it gives an additional reason to the current Universal Champion to chase The Fiend.

This interesting feud can also help the SmackDown ratings, recently in constant decline and therefore there are really many reasons that can lead to the growth of this feud. Alexa Bliss's transition to heel and maybe an alliance with Wyatt might not make everyone happy, but surely there would be a breath of fresh air for the entire WWE product.

Finally, The Fiend attacking Alexa Bliss can be a way of WWE adding an element of intrigue for the viewers. With the storyline of Wyatt and Alexa Bliss coming together, there is a possibility of another mixed team pairing waiting for WWE to pounce upon.

If WWE plays its cards well, Bliss will align herself with Strowman before SummerSlam. However, at the big night, she will betray Strowman and help The Fiend to reclaim the Universal title. A Bray Wyatt and Bliss pairing can certainly be one of the most unique things we have seen in a very long time.