Vince McMahon rejected several segments for WWE tapings

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Vince McMahon rejected several segments for WWE tapings

WWE will be recording the shows shortly for next week. The plan is to make two episodes of Raw on Monday and the Friday Night Smackdown show will be shot on Tuesday. This situation is very boring and complicated, especially for writers, and this has been one of the toughest weeks in history for WWE staff.

According to reports from Ringside News, many are comparing the current situation and the current workload with that of previous events, for example in Wrestlemania. A knowledgeable and very experienced writer said that the last meeting with Vince McMahon on Friday was literally horrible.

The federation chairman said he hated everything about Raw and out of 32 segments organized by the writers, the Chairman approved only 4 segments. Vinnie O'Mac got everyone back to work and there is a particularly difficult situation for the federation.

WWE will tape television next week, Vince McMahon's rejections hit hard

As revealed by some writers, the lack of leadership and a less creative environment than usual is now giving rise to many more problems than one can imagine.

A writer has admitted that in recent times Vince McMahon has appeared even more chaotic and stressful than usual, even more than in the days of WrestleMania. The situation in WWE is not easy, and as Dave Meltzer recently admitted on Wrestling Observer Radio "some officials think that the federation's number one problem is Vince McMahon and that the time has come for the WWE Chairman to leave and resign."

The journalist admitted that "there are many in the company who think this, they understand it but nobody really has the courage to expose themselves and say something about it." Dave Meltzer explained the situation by saying: "He is a very different Vince McMahon than before.

In the 80s he was totally another person than this and the reality was now evident. Everyone knows this, but it is impossible for someone to put their faces on it and say this. People are afraid to say that Vince is the problem.

It's a difficult situation." Now they are going back to the drawing board. It was additionally told to us that “the lack of leadership is causing the least creative environment you can possibly imagine. Now WWE’s writers are scrambling once again to get scripts done in time for Vince McMahon to either approve or tear up forcing them to start from scratch.

The plan is to get two episodes of Raw done on Monday, and then Friday Night SmackDown will follow on Tuesday. This is a very tedious process, especially for writers."